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Pierluigi Diaco, this summer is doing a lot of talk about himself, in spite of himself.

The conductor of Rai 1 of the summer afternoon, at the helm of the very popular and beloved broadcast “Me and you” is holding the bench, together with his other colleagues in this post-covid summer that maybe he finds us all with nerves a little uncovered for what we had to face during the last winter / spring and that, perhaps and unfortunately, we will find ourselves facing this autumn.

Pierluigi Diaco he is receiving accusations from many quarters that he is always a little nervous, that he does not treat his guests and collaborators very well and that he often uses some phrases that have now become famous, that is “You want to lead?” e “Datte na calmed

The attacks on Pierluigi Diaco

Lately, after he had treated some of his famous and not so famous guests in the studio a bit abruptly, the world of the web had strongly criticized him and then a post from one of his former colleagues had arrived, like a bolt from the blue, Georgia Luzi who accused a colleague with whom he had conducted a television broadcast in the past of having thrown a chair against her just for having opinions different from his and everyone had thought that he was the author of this ugly gesture.

Pierluigi Diaco he intervened, denied that it was him and threatened legal actions against those who continued to muddy him.

The phrase to Katia Ricciarelli “You are a little complaining”

In the studio next to Pierluigi Diaco to lead there is Katia Ricciarelli and the two seem to get along very well and be really in tune.

Ma Diaco she got to tease her too, in fact she said to Ricciarelli: “You are a little plaintive!”.

Ma Katia, who certainly does not send her to say, she immediately replied: “I never complain, everything is fine with me! But I would not want a throne of this color with spangles in my house! ”

The sympathetic squabble immediately subsided Diaco asked the Ricciarelli: “But how is it possible that whenever a woman is invited to dinner, always tell the waiter: little, I am on a diet.

But is it possible that you are always on a diet? ”

And the Ricciarelli, in return: “I say so too, but after that I eat three! “

Then when Diaco asked her if she passed the costume fitting she and if it was important for her to overcome it, she replied: “So important that I don’t go to the beach! “

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