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TORINO. The University of Turin (81.8 points) loses two positions and falls to seventh place among the mega state universities, that is, those with over 40 thousand enrolled, after the state of Milan (83.3 points) and with almost ten points of posting from the University of Bologna first in the ranking. The Politecnico di Torino also loses a position: this means third place (out of four) with 89.5 points, surpassed by the Iuav of Venice which wins the silver medal with 91.2 points. Politecnico di Milano is confirmed in first place with 94.3 points. It ranks tenth among the medium-sized state universities (those with a number of enrollments between 10 and 20 thousand) for the University of Eastern Piedmont, which reaches 85.2: 13 and a half points after Trento, first in the ranking.

In detail, UniTo loses seven points in the scholarships provided (71) and one point in the services that concern the number of meals, beds and contributions for members (71), two points in the functionality of the website and digital communication (94) , a point in internationalization (82) between welcomed foreign students, enrolled students who went to study abroad, courses in English and those with a double degree.

No change in the score for the structures (78) while those in the employability rate (95) increase two years after graduation to raise the overall average by 81.2. As regards the Polytechnic, the assessment of services and employability remains unchanged (respectively 70 and 110), but stock market indicators (85), structures one point (82), communication and digital services four points (89), while internationalization is growing by two points (101).

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