Peugeot 2020 car incentives up to 11,000 euros: without scrapping and cumulative with state and local ones


The crisis in the auto sector, due to the health emergency, bites more and more and so does the Peugeot has decided to launch new ones car incentives 2020, immediately and not from August, to reactivate the sales volume.

The director of Peugeot Italia, in fact, underlined the need to offer the public the possibility of a change cars at absolutely affordable and affordable prices, even if everything will be played out starting from the trend of the national economy.

However, these are important incentives, which can reach up to 11 thousand euros, for the most prestigious models. Let’s see specifically what it is.

Ecobonus and Peugeot 2020 car offers: what it is

The plan of free Peugeot car it starts immediately, without waiting for August when state incentives for Euro 6 should be launched up to a maximum of 110 grams of CO2 emissions and for hybrid and electric cars.

In addition, there will also be local incentives: for example, the Lombard ones provided only for electric cars. The new Ecobonus Peugeot therefore provides incentives that will be cumulative, as reported in the, with government ones, which could make buying a new car really affordable.

In fact, it can go up to 9,000 euros for a car with thermal engine, diesel or petrol, and up to 11,000 euros for hybrid or electric cars.

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Some examples of Peugeot 2020 incentives

Here are some examples of the types of discounts that can be obtained for the purchase of a Peugeot car:

  • Small city cars: up to 5,000 euros
  • Peugeot 2008: up to € 7,000
  • Peugeot 3008: up to 9,000 euros
  • Peugeot 508 Hybrid: up to 11,000 euros.

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