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The Temple Mount and Temple Heritage Foundation and other people filed a petition with the High Court yesterday (Wednesday) demanding a time and place for Jews to pray on the Temple Mount.

The petitioners filed the petition against Minister of Internal Security Amir Ohana and against the Jerusalem District Commander of the Israel Police, Superintendent Doron Yedid.

According to the petitioners, there is a novelty in this petition because the petitions filed in the matter so far have been rejected due to fear of “violation of public order” in prayer on the Temple Mount, but here petitioners demand that the state state dates that are not charged “and that they alleviate public order.”

In addition, the petitioners demand by virtue of a Basic Law: The Nation which states that “the State shall take care to ensure the safety of the Jewish people and its citizens in distress and captivity due to their Judaism or due to their citizenship” that the State shall take care to ensure the safety of immigrants to the Temple Mount

According to the Basic Law: Nationality, the state, the petitioners claim, “must take care to ensure the safety of Jews from dangers arising from being Jews. Muslim prayer on the mountain is permitted. The prohibition applies only to Jews, because the security risk faced by the respondents is Jewish.

The petition filed by the Eran Ben-Ari Law Office alleges, among other things, that both the Minister of Internal Security, ie the political echelon, and the police did not consider possible alternatives to allow prayer on the Temple Mount. , It is written. “Because it violates a disproportionate violation of their right to freedom of worship. In particular, the petitioners will argue that the respondents did not at all examine alternatives that are less detrimental to the respondents’ freedom, including the alternatives proposed by the respondents in the letter exhausting the proceedings – all as specified in the petition. ”

Advocate Ziv Maor, representing the petitioners, said: “We are filing this petition which requires the court to determine the obvious, that by law Jews are allowed to pray on the Temple Mount. This is further exacerbated in light of the Basic Law of Nationality. It is inconceivable that the police would turn the Temple Mount into a territory. We expect the court to allow Jews to pray on the mountain. ”

Advocate Pini Shachar, one of the petitioners, said: “Today we filed a petition in the Supreme Court to allow the petitioners to pray on the Temple Mount. The petition was filed in order to obtain real relief from the Supreme Court for the end of the ongoing discrimination against Jews on the Temple Mount and the denial of their basic right to pray in the holiest place for the Jewish people. ”

Tom Nissani, chairman of the Students for the Temple Mount movement and one of the leaders of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, said: “We are pleased to accompany the group of citizens in their petition to the High Court after all their attempts to get a possible date and place for prayer on the Temple Mount were denied and without any explanation. “It is impossible that we will continue to accept the current situation in which Jews are discriminated against and that they are forbidden to be free in their country. Along with legal activity, we will continue to work to rectify the situation on other levels as well.”


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