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Last Thursday we were surprisingly informed that Taylor Swift will release her third album the next day (Israel time). After seven successful albums Swift released her third album called “Folklore” which includes 16 songs. She created the album during the closure following the Corona crisis, a spontaneous album released to the 30-year-old singer. As you know, Swift started her career in the country genre, moved to pop and this album is defined as alternative music.

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The first song on the album is called “The 1” and it deals with Swift’s nostalgic memory around her exes. In the song Swift ponders what would have happened if and more. A nice and light song for the beginning of the album. The second song on the album is also the single that Swift released last Friday and is called “Cardigan” a song that uses the item of clothing as a metaphor for a woman in a relationship, who feels like an old cardigan in the bed of someone who may be lying to her a little. The song is very different from what we have heard from Swift in recent years and in general on her latest album released last August “Lover”. The song continues the line of the first song as a calm and flowing song. The song is accompanied by an invested and special clip. Continue with the song “The Last Great American Dynasty” which tells the story of Rebecca Harkens. The song has a fun and cool melody that is very different from the first two songs on the album, meanwhile it is our favorite song.

The next song is Swift’s only collaboration on the album and is co-produced by the indie band Bon Iver. The song is called “Exile”. The song tells of two people who broke up and tells of the perspectives of the two exes. Justin Vernon, the lead singer of the band that opens the song, talks about his confusing feelings about how fast a lover moves on while Swift talks about how during the relationship there were red lights that signal an impending breakup. A special song that shows a new side of Swift. The next song is “My Tears Ricochet” It is very difficult to understand what the song is about, Swift’s writing gives room for imagination and therefore it is very difficult to connect to the song but nevertheless the melody is good. Continuing with “Mirrorball” let Swift compare herself to a contemplative disco ball, someone who entertains everyone but in the moment of truth her heart breaks like glass. A special song but we feel that Swift repeats itself in the way the songs sound in this album, if in the previous album every song was different here it is very repetitive.

The seventh song on the album is also called “Seven” and it tells about Swift’s friends from childhood who had unhappy childhoods and Swift as a child thought it was easy to solve problems. As we wrote earlier we feel that Swift repeats itself on the album and all the songs sound the same the lyrics are special and each song tells a different story yet the tune does not renew and repeat itself. The next song he symbolizes the month that just a few more days begins and it is called “August” the song is light and fun that tells of a summer affair, a song that is very reminiscent of the music we are used to hearing from Swift according to his melody and vibe. Continuing with the song “? This Is Me Trying” which deals with Taylor’s coming to terms with the failure of past relationships and the attempt to save them. In the song she says she takes the first step in admitting difficult and unsafe things. We feel like we are repeating ourselves but the more we listen to the album the way we feel, there is nothing special about the melodies, everything feels repetitive and the lyrics are but change every time, the melody remains the same.

The tenth song on the album is “Illicit Affairs” and it tells about the idea of ​​infidelity within a relationship. Swift’s writing surprises us time and time again, it’s a very moving song. “Invisible String?”, This is the next song on the album that puts in a slightly different melody from the other songs, the song talks about how Swift’s previous failures in relationships have brought her to her partner in recent years John Alvin. The song also has a wink to the previous exes that Swift sang “Now I’m sending a gift to their babies”. Swift continues to tell us stories in poetry with the song “Mad Woman” which tells the story of someone who takes revenge on the town that expelled her. It’s very special that Swift tells us a detailed but slightly repetitive story on this album.

The next song that very much connects to the recent events that have happened in the world is called “Epiphany”. The song speaks of the hope of finding peace in dreams even though living in a world of chaos and violence, when the rest of us heard the song and understood its meaning we thought about the struggle of blacks in the United States for their rights and the great chaos that now exists with the corona crisis. A very special song that gives hope on this album. The next song is called “Betty” and is actually a sequel to the song “August” on the album. The song tells a different side of the summer novel described in the previous song and actually tells the story of someone named Betty. Someone whose boyfriend cheated on her in that summer affair. Swift’s link between the two songs is very special and we really liked it, it gave some light within the whole album which is a bit repetitive.

And the last two songs on the album, the first “Peace”, a calm song describing how Swift’s worldview towards romance has changed. Very reminiscent in his idea of ​​”The Archer” from Swift’s previous album. The song that closes the album is “Hoax” which like other songs from the album this song also deals with the singer’s previous relationships, the song tells about the struggles that Swift experienced in a toxic and bad relationship she is unable to release from her beloved, the melody of the song contributes to lyrics and very moving.

In conclusion, the whole album shows a very different side than we are used to from the singer, in most songs at first hearing we did not know what Swift meant in the songs, must note that these are not catchy songs so it turns out they are a bit boring and drowsy but once you understand what each song and what he is talking about . In music you have to connect directly with the listeners because if you do not connect directly you lose their interest in music, on this album Swift was less successful in this matter. The songs are very special, the stories are fascinating but the melodies are devastating to the songs. We’re glad Swift released a surprise album but we expected something different from her.

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