Peak tensions among law enforcement and intelligence agencies around demonstrations in the city: Balfour protesters in front of Netanyahu supporters


Enforcement and intelligence will increase forces; Tension and hostility cross borders between Balfour protesters against the prime minister and activists of the extremist organization La Familia. The management of the station complex, where La Familia activists planned to gather, told “Kol Ha’ir”: “We will not allow the first station complex to become a battlefield for demonstrations.”

Posted on: 30.7.20 13:35

By: Shlomi Heller

Record tensions are being recorded at this time in the city among law enforcement and intelligence agencies against the background of the demonstrations on Balfour Street in front of the Prime Minister’s House. These are the thousands who come out and call on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign. On the other hand, activists of the “La Familia” organization, who plan to march from the station compound toward the demonstration compound in Paris Square and on Gaza Street – a distance of about a kilometer.

The Jerusalem police will increase forces, of course, among other things after protesters were allegedly attacked by La Familia activists in Tel Aviv on Tuesday. And in general, protesters across the country have been attacked in recent days.

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A post published by La Familia reads, among other things: “As you all know, those who oppress and hate Israel still continue to despise every Jewish symbol and harm every existing Jewish concept; we do not intend to remain indifferent and sit still; note that left-wing rags are changing.”

“Kol Ha’ir” contacted the management of the first station complex in Jerusalem, which clarified that “entry to the complex will not be allowed. In our inspection in front of them, through the Facebook page, we were told that the station is a meeting point for them, because there is a large parking lot To hold a demonstration or procession or anything similar in the space of the first station complex.In this difficult period, and certainly also in routine, we will not allow the first station complex to become a battlefield of demonstrations.The station is a diverse, open and safe culinary street, without politics and based on a Jerusalem space. “.

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