Pd-Italia Viva, clash over the electoral law. Zingaretti: ‘Proportional and 5% barrier, respect agreements’. Renziani: ‘No, majority’


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The Pd presses for a first reading vote on the new one electoral law by September 20. But the idea of ​​a system proportional with 5% barrier collides with the obstacle Italia Viva, which asks the majority, creating a new one break within the majority forces. On the one hand the secretary Dem, Nicola Zingaretti, puts pressure on the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, on the other Matteo Renzi claims that the theme “Is not the priority” and that “one majority law, on the model of the mayors “. Just what the Democratic Party wants to avoid.

The text, which is scheduled in the Chamber in the Chamber on July 27 with a passage that is anything but obvious, in fact provides for a reform of the mold proportional, with 5% barrier, on which an initial majority agreement had been reached in January. It is precisely on past agreements that the Pd stresses: “This government also exists because there is an agreement. MEPs cut and new electoral law to guarantee democratic dialectics “.

The referendum for the reduction of the seats in Parliament is set for September 20 and it is within that date that Zingaretti, Dem sources reveal, wants to vote on the electoral law. After it risks opening a season of great uncertainties also because if the center right wins Regional would loudly call for the ballot box. Before return to the seats, therefore, the party wants to reform the law, given that a majority system would give more power to the first Italian formation, i.e. the League. Is exactly Matteo Salvini attacks Zingaretti claiming that one attempted by the secretary is one maneuver “of Chinese mold, undemocratic “, to prevent the League from winning. The Democratic Party denies: it is a theme of institutional balances, they explain, and a matter of compliance with the agreements of government.

Agreements which, however, could skip due to the ‘no’ of Renziani, who instead point to the old idea of ​​the former premier of Mayor of Italy. But so, the Dems retort with Emanuele Fiano, denies an agreement that Iv had signed. The Renziano Marco Di Maio denies ever having signed the text, but the Democratic Party recalls a joint note from January in which they supported it. So the Dems accuse Renzi of being afraid of not reaching the 5% threshold. There are also those who argue that the Iv leader returned to work to blow up the government in August (for a change of prime minister, rather than to return to the vote), but he, speaking with his own, sharply denies it. “In reality, the Democratic Party – says a Renziano executive – is afraid that after the September vote he will rush towards the elections and wants to open the electoral law site to take time”.

For its part, the 5 star movement, with the minister Federico D’Incà, calls on all majority parties to respect the agreements made. But the text has yet to be voted on in committee. And in the Chamber there is the unknown of the secret vows. This is why pentastellate sources observe that a debate will open in Parliament on the threshold. Leu has always been against 5%. And, from the opposition, it is also Come on Italy, while the League insists on the majority.

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