Payment of pensions in August, here are the news


The payment of pensions in August. Here are the news. Because of the pandemic, there have been changes since last April. The first concerns payments, advanced and spread over a week. This is to avoid gatherings. In this way, the certainty of being able to withdraw one’s own pension in safety it was offered to everyone. But now things are changing. In times like this, every day can present new situations. And now, many citizens are wondering what will change in the payment of pensions in August. Here are the news.

How did the government say about it?

The government has not yet issued official communications on the pension issue. For the month of August, everything still seems to hang in the balance. However, it may happen that this time too the payments will be anticipated. But now that has been prolonged the state of emergency, there are very few certainties. The changes could also concern the payment of pensions.

So when will the pensions be paid in August?

It therefore appears that at the moment, the date of payment of pensions will remain unchanged. So if the government continues with the modus operandi used during the pandemic, we can imagine one day. It may not be correct, but for the moment there are no further indications. A possible date could be July 27th. In this way, it would be possible to stagger all pensioners until 31 July. Four days would be enough to allow everyone to withdraw their credit in complete safety. But, given the lack of official declarations, the payment may return to normal. Therefore, those who have a Banco Posta account will receive the credit on August 1, 2020.

Instead, for those who withdraw their pension from post offices, it will be possible to do so from Monday 3 August. The same will apply to those who receive credit in the bank.

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