“Pastor” with previous connections to motorcycle gangs has been released from prison


SVT Nyheter has previously reported on the Scanian who was arrested in an operation linked to Operation Rimfrost at the end of January. Since then, the man, who has a huge criminal record and a past in criminal motorcycle gangs, has been in custody.

The former head of the preliminary investigation has on several occasions requested an extended period of prosecution, which has meant that the people of Skåne have been in custody for just over six months.

Recently, chamber prosecutor Michael Hansson at the National Unit against International and Organized Crime took over the preliminary investigation and he has now decided to lift the arrest. Thus, the man, as well as another man who was detained in the same case, are released.

– The suspicions remain but we need to supplement, he says.

What do you need to supplement with?

– I can not say that as there is pre-investigation secrecy.

Only in early September will Michael Hansson hope to be able to bring charges.

“Has been handled terribly poorly”

Sven-Eric Ohlsson, known for defending leading figures in Bandidos and Hells Angels, is critical of how the investigation has been conducted.

– The new prosecutor has made a wise decision, but the one who had the preliminary investigation before has handled it terribly badly. I do not think the prosecutor had control over the investigation. It feels that way anyway.

– Now a new prosecutor came in with fresh eyes who realized this quickly.

How is your client?

– He mostly wonders what this is for something. We have always demanded that he be set free.

At the same time, the prosecutor says that the suspicions remain?

– They remain. But that’s another thing. To be arrested, it is required that you are suspected for probable cause, this is where the differences lie.

Has not been affected by the pandemic

A recent survey by the Swedish Bar Association showed that about one in four law firms believe that legal certainty has deteriorated due to the current pandemic. In addition to canceled negotiations, the agencies also experience unreasonably long processing times.

However, Sven-Eric Ohlsson does not believe that covid-19 has influenced the case with his client “the pastor”.

– No, I would not say that. My experience is that the pandemic has not affected to any great extent, he says.

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