Parents were arrested on suspicion of abusing their infant son


Police have arrested a couple of parents on suspicion of severely abusing their three-month-old baby son. They were arrested following a report by Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon and will be brought before a judge today (Friday). The baby is in good condition.

The details of the investigation show that his parents brought him to the emergency room in Barzilai on Tuesday when he suffers from a urinary tract infection. In a general examination, the doctors noticed blue marks on his body and, as required, we updated the police. The baby is in good condition and is expected to be released from the hospital today. He will be taken into custody with the grandfather.

The baby’s parents were arrested last night and taken for questioning by the Ashkelon police. A report was forwarded to the city welfare officials. Today, they will be brought before a judge in the Ashkelon Magistrate’s Court to discuss extending their detention. Their investigation is ongoing.

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