Parents of children? This is the outline of education that awaits you in the next school year


The Ministry of Education is updating the outline that will allow the opening of the next school year on September 1.

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In coordination with the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Public Health, it has been decided that kindergartens will study six days a week, and students in grades 1-3 will study at least five days a week and will have up to 18 students per class.

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Fourth graders will study four days at the school and another day of zoom learning, the number of students in the class will be limited to 18 and each student will sit at a separate table two feet apart between each child.

Fifth to twelfth grade students will study one or two days a week, and the rest of the days in online learning.

The Ministry of Health believes that it is not necessary to divide children up to the age of 6 into capsules, in light of the data, according to which the morbidity rate among children is low.

It has also been found that children, especially preschoolers, are less contagious than older children and adults.

Teachers and teaching staff will work as usual, including individual hours and hours of stay such as testing exams, preparing lesson plans and more.

The head of the National Security Council, Meir Ben Shabbat, the Minister of Education, Yoav Galant, the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Hezi Levy, and the Corona Projector, Prof. Roni Gamzo, agreed that the activities of the Great Freedom School and the Ministry of Education’s summer activities will continue in the current format (until fourth grade). .

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the agreement this evening, and camp activities in schools are expected to continue until August 6, unless there are changes due to an increase in coronary heart disease.

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