Papu Gomez makes 300 in Serie A: “What pride. Happy for the finish line”


The captain of Atalanta celebrates for the finish line in the top Italian championship

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Alejandro Gomez Atalanta (Getty images)

He would no doubt have preferred to celebrate the milestone with a victory, the Alejandro Papu Gomez he still enjoys the 300 appearances in Serie A. The 2-2 draw of his Atalanta against Juventus it leaves a bad taste in the mouth, but at the same time great awareness and pride. This is confirmed by the same number 10 Nerazzurri who commented on his Instagram page the emotions of the evening and the personal result achieved.

Gomez: “Happy for the 300 appearances”

Atalanta Gomez (getty images)

It is limited to a few but important words Papu Gomez to comment on his personal goal and the draw against Juventus. With the match played against Juventus, the number 10 celebrated 300 appearances in Serie A. 106 with the Catania shirt, 194 with that of Atalanta. “Oroglioso of you,” said the Argentine at the beginning of his message in reference to the entire Bergamo team. “I am very happy with the milestone achieved and the 300 appearances in Serie A.” And in conclusion: “Little is missing for our goal VAMOS !!!“. And the finish line is within reach: the Champions League is now practically certain and the Goddess has no intention of stopping.


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