Pallotta disappointed by the negligence of the players: “Do you wonder why I’m tired?”


LATEST NEWS AS ROMA – La Rome is in pieces, and Pallotta he is disappointed by the collapse that he can only investigate remotely, through more or less furious phone calls to understand the reasons, he says today The messenger (G. Lengua).

The president of the Rome he defines himself as “tired out“For what is happening to the team, courses and historical appeals that reappear punctually after 12 months, despite the Revolution which led to a new year zero. THE poor results ringed by the team they would not have been due to indiscretions on the corporate transfer, but they would be internal problems which, however, they have the Boston businessman was demoralized annoyed to fight the negligence of footballers.

“Wondering why I’m tired?”, Pallotta asked after the match against Udinese, a clear message that smacks of surrender pronounced by man who has made dozens of mistakes during his presidency trying, in some cases, also to remedy with layoffs and revolutions.

Today it is clear to everyone, inside and outside Trigoria, that the time has come pass the hand to someone more wealthy, ready to invest money to revive the fortunes of society. Alternative: the ok for the construction of the stadium, with Pallotta who remains in command, flanked by new ones members.

After the “no” to Dan Friedkin, now the group of Micky Arison, entrepreneur with 5.8 billion dollars worth of assets, owner of the Miami Heat and Carnival Corporation the world’s largest cruise ship company. But the Rome has denied indiscretion.

Source: Il Messaggero

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