Palermo, Biagio Conte suspends the fast after 40 days: “I bring a message of peace”


After 40 days Biagio Conte, the lay missionary founder of the Mission Hope and Charity of Palermo, decided to suspend the fast and return to one of the offices of his organization which assists over a thousand poor people.It is the same brother Biagio to explain the reasons for his choice: “I felt in my heart the good God – he explains – who invites me to bring this message of peace and hope to this humanity so troubled, so suffering, but I also felt in the heart of looking at my brother body. I am returning with a heart full of hope, I feel like bringing it and giving it to everyone and continuing to bring everyone this message of peace and hope, so that this society can improve “.
Brother Biagio spent these 40 days in a cave in the mountains of Palermo, in prayer and fasting to be in solidarity with the disadvantaged families and the most fragile people of society. He launched appeals to institutions, the Church and all religions, to those responsible for the media, inviting them to do their part “to radically change this society so as not to leave anyone behind”.”After forty days, very tried and weak, but full of the Holy Spirit, – explained Mission spokesman Riccardo Rossi – he was helped to get down from the cave in the mountains where he spent this period of prayer and fasting. For about 10 days he will be hospitalized in the infirmary in absolute isolation under strict medical supervision and slowly she will start feeding again. “

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