Palamaria shock: “Ready to talk about the sentence against Berlusconi”


In the courtyard of Montecitorio the most warned understand that for the mother of all reforms, that of Justice, the moment is now. Pierantonio Zanettin, a blue member and former member of the CSM, has no doubts. «There will never be an opportunity like this to really reform justice. The events of the CSM have made it clear to the public that something is not working, that much needs to be changed. And it is also a fundamental step to revive the economy. Even in Europe they understood it. In addition, the judiciary, putting everyone in the sights, has created itself a majority for the reform in Parliament “. In the Senate you hear similar speeches, however, on the mouth of Davide Faraone, leader of the Renzians who, just the other yesterday asked the Minister of Justice for information on the registered complaint of one of the judges of the court who sentenced Berlusconi, Amedeo Franco, defined by same magistrate “a firing squad”. Of course, the Guardasigilli’s response was “embarrassed” and “embarrassing”. “All the events relating to the CSM and the ghost of a political use of justice that hovers over the Berlusconi trial observes Pharaoh – have created a unique opportunity. Starting with a parliamentary commission on the political use of justice. Forza Italia, however, to bring us all to make such a battle, must send signals for the aftermath ».

Precisely, there are “calculations”, because it is true that every reform, especially if strategic, walks on the legs of politics. Having said that, the atmosphere has been the most favorable for thirty years. Just think that just a few days ago the Senate justice commission, in spite of the grillini, set up the day for the victims of judicial errors. Or, again, that just yesterday the EU Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, went so far as to say that “even in the case of the CSM the Italians believe less in the independence of the judiciary”. The proof is in the fact that the protagonist of that story, the magistrate Luca Palamara, for years “deus ex machina” of the National Magistrates Association, has turned, like the great “repentants”, into a “j’accuse” in flesh and bones of the current judicial system. His private reasonings echo the theses of the most convinced “guarantors”, starting with Cav, and his terrible stories describe, in fact, a regime. He feels like a “victim of the judicial left” to whom he has fought for years for the ability to “influence” the careers of magistrates. He says that his troubles began when he used the word “discontinuity” in private in the appointment of Pignatone’s successor in Rome. That, from the day he coined that finished expression you know how in the newspapers, the siege began to tighten, with more or less official messengers, even journalists, who advised him to rethink it, to support the appointment of a dolphin from Pignatone, until the news arrived, always from a judicial reporter, that the file concerning him had arrived at the CSM. The answer was still unpublished, scattered in the sea of ​​interception reports that saw him protagonist: “If they want to take me out in court they have misunderstood: I will not stop”. And again, the desire not to be the “scapegoat” of a rotten system. Trojans recording on command: the whole meeting with Luca Lotti and the others at the Champagne Palace hotel in Rome; and then, just on the phone, he announces to a friend the dinner the next day with the prosecutor Pignatone, a total blackout to cover the episode. This and more made him change his opinion of 180 degrees on the battles of the past: today he is in favor of the separation of careers, “the only way to counter the overwhelming power of the prosecutors”; and again, he preaches a new regulation on the use of wiretapping and realizes that the only really feared reform within the judiciary is the “draw” in the appointment of the togated members of the CSM. It happens when you become a victim and re-read history with other eyes: «At the CSM I dealt with some aspects related to Berlusconi’s sentence. In the competent offices, if requested, I will speak. After what has emerged it is right to deepen. It’s a serious matter. ” In addition, a gloomy forecast: «If there is no real reform, the mechanism of the political use of justice because the real Power is there – it will start again and nobody will stop it. The signs are already there. I go forward. They want to kick me out of the judiciary, but at the trial I will call to testify many witnesses, as in the great political trials ».

Yes, the signs are there. It is enough to look at the appointments to the Cassation where the heirs of the Democratic Judiciary have made a bingo; or, again, to the deferred, “perpetual” deferral of the disciplinary hearing of judge Ferdinando Esposito, son of the judge who sentenced Cav. Small facts, but in Italy, as the Palamara case shows, justice is conditioned by small facts which, in turn, interfere with the great facts of politics. And never before have all the protagonists of the scene been targeted by the judiciary: from Salvini to Renzi; by Berlusconi to the same Zingaretti. And also on the grillini there is a great chatter about the relations between Casaleggio Associati and China.

Except that, out of inertia or out of fear, politics stands still. It amuses. Six months ago to Renzi who asked Salvini for an alliance on justice, the leader of the League replied: “When I go to the government, I will do the justice reform.” Since then a Salvini government has not seen the shadow, not even of the long-awaited elections that are not on the horizon, given that in a country in an emergency state until December it will not be possible to vote and later, with the reduction of MPs, the hypothesis will be even more peregrine: instead, the judicial measures against the former Interior Minister have multiplied. In a few weeks the Senate will also be called to decide on the authorization to proceed on the charge of kidnapping migrants on the Open Arms ship.

And let’s go back to the great occasion that risks fading. But also to the fact that everyone wants the Cav in government, even Prodi. And then, given that the day after his exclusion from the Senate Berlusconi declared “I will be in politics until I have given a reform of justice to the Italians”, perhaps it would be worth a try. Also because, for once Europe asks us for a right thing, why not do it, why not try? A reform of the coveted justice for thirty years would certainly be worth another government. «Such a hypothesis would change things, the blue Roberto Occhiuto confides, it could be worth it». And just the daily fire that the justicialist network par excellence, Il Fatto, leads against the Cav to avoid this prospect, shows that this would be the right way. Also why, what would be the alternative? Hope for elections that will probably only come in 2023: at the same time there will be another head of state and, consequently, another president of the CSM. «The truth observes consummated by a Hamletic doubt the League leader in the Chamber, Riccardo Molinari, the more you say elections, the more this government stands, with all that follows. Even the grillini who want to come with us say to you: Ready to come, but the legislature must go on! ». So?!

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