P.a., via the maxi competition for 2 thousand public officials. Selection on soft skills, English, digital


“Today in the Official Gazette the competition for 2,133 official positions in various administrations”. This was announced by the Minister of the P.A. (Public administration), Fabiana Dadone, via Facebook. “The tests will finally give way to the evaluation of the”soft skills “, knowledge of English and digital skills», Explains the minister.

The competition: registration and communications with Spid

In times of coronavirus, the selection machine for public offices also definitely changes its skin. Or at least promises to do it. Therefore, ample space, for enrollment, selections and exams, in IT and digital tools. “We will also make use of for enrollment and communications to candidates (including rankings) Spid and the Step-One 2019 telematic platform, while – underlines Minister Dadone – the written tests will take place with IT tools and the oral test can be held by videoconference».

Rethinking public offices (and employees)

«The path of relaunching the recruitment in the P.a. is underway and, as promised, we set it on innovative principles and criteria, on a global rethinking of the organization of public work, not only by paying attention to the quantitative strengthening of the workforce “, writes Dadone. With this mega-contest «le P.a. they change their face with the inclusion of many young and new profiles “. Space is given to digital, “as foreseen in the relaunch decree”. So, Dadone points out, “we speed up the time and improve the quality of hiring for the benefit of a P.A. that it is increasingly a springboard for the leap in competitiveness necessary for the whole country system “.

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