Ozzy Osbourne: “Here’s what the Black Sabbath song that changed my life”


Ozzy Osbourne he has always been an unconventional personality, capable of highly insane and unthinkable deeds for most normal human beings. Its name is linked to that of the Black Sabbath, a rock band capable of achieving remarkable successes since the seventies. What is the song of the band that marked the existence of the crazy Ozzy? The artist answered a similar question in 2019, on the occasion of a radio broadcast.

The Black Sabbath song that marked Ozzy Osbourne

What is the song of Black Sabbath most important second Ozzy Osbourne? “Paranoid is the song that changed my life. I still play it on stage live, I finish all my concerts with this song, I consider it as my personal anthem “. After many years of career, Ozzy has not hidden the relevance of such an extraordinary success, perhaps the most iconic of the band with which he has played several times. The artist also remembered how the song was born: “I remember when producer Roger Bain told us to jam out to finish an album. We got into it and made Paranoid. It was a hit single right away. ”.

Because Ozzy Osbourne loves Paranoid

For what reasons Ozzy Osbourne owes so much to Paranoid? “The making of that song changed my life and was completed without too many thoughts. It is a simple song with a highly effective rhythm, capable of engaging thanks to its atmosphere. I like to think that it will continue to be popular with people for years to come. It’s one of those jobs that come out of nowhere. It was the first time I had a single in the Top 10, in addition to Changes written with my daughter Kelly. It is a song that remains etched in time and I hope that people can enjoy it even more in the future “.

Ozzy’s dream come true together with the Black Sabbath

On the occasion, Ozzy Osbourne he also told of his beginnings together with the Black Sabbath. “I went to school with Tony Iommi (the band’s guitarist, editor’s note)but I wasn’t very friendly with him in school. Over time, we have become very good friends. That’s how Black Sabbath was born, a band with simple and local guys who had a dream and managed to make it come true “. Most likely, much of the extraordinary success of the British heavy metal group is due precisely to the strong impact guaranteed by Paranoid.

Ozzy Osbourne’s choice to play Paranoid also as a soloist

Over the past few live shows Ozzy Osbourne, the artist has chosen to introduce also Paranoid in your own lineup. “When I left Black Sabbath for the first time in the late ’70s, I intended not to perform any of their songs anymore. But then the audience wanted to hear once War Pigs, once Iron Man, once Paranoid … So I said to myself: Why not? It’s a song I can’t do without, it’s still fun to play it. It’s a really nice song. “.

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