Outpatient activities still reduced compared to the pre-covid period


The coronavirus seems to “retreat”, albeit slowly: on Wednesday 1 July the data speak for example of six deaths in twenty-four hours in Lombarrdia. And more and more hospitals “celebrate” the latest discharge for covid-19: it was the turn of Niguarda and San Carlo. Yet the recovery of health care towards “normal” before covid-19 is not very fast.

Outpatient services, for example, are still less than 60% of the ordinary, before the epidemic that stopped the country broke out. This was illustrated by Marco Trivelli, newly appointed director general of the Welfare sector of the Lombardy Region in place of Luigi Cajazzo, during a session of the health commission of the regional council. It was the first time that Trivelli had confronted the directors at Pirellone.

The new director general reiterated the need for greater coordination between care activities, “follow-up” and recovery. As regards the resumption of ordinary activities, it is good enough for hospitalizations, which during the most difficult phases of the pandemic were reduced, while the resumption of outpatient activities is more problematic.

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Trivelli then said that Lombard health care must overcome the “performance logic”, the cornerstone of the Formigoni reform: “At the time it was an innovation, today it is inadequate”, said the general manager. “Instead, we must focus on taking charge of chronicity”, he continued, stressing that fragmentation in the territory is “the main cultural weakness” of the Lombard health system.

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