Outbreak in Veneto: dinner in Serbia, no admission and isolation. Here’s how it started


It all started with a trip to Serbia. Thus, a few days after a dinner with an infected person and the return to Italy, a new outbreak was born in Veneto, in the province of Vicenza. Which infuriated Governor Luca Zaia. But what happened? Corriere del Veneto explains this, among others. the “patient zero” would be a manager of the Laserjet srl of Pojana Maggiore. After the trip to the Balkans, we read on the site:

An executive had several social contacts during the last weekend of June (attended a funeral and a party); then he felt sick and badly and, suffering from respiratory symptoms, went to the hospital on June 28th. There he was subjected to a buffer, a positive result. However, the manager not only refused to be hospitalized but also failed to respect the mandatory isolation: he continued to have business meetings, until, after a deterioration, he was hospitalized in the San Bortolo hospital in Vicenza. Today is in resuscitation.

The race to trace contacts has started. And, meanwhile, Zaia announced a more restrictive ordinance for Monday, going to ask the government for mandatory health treatments for those who are positive and prison for those who violate isolation. We still read on the Corriere del Veneto:

For now, it is estimated that the manager has infected five people (three Vicentine employees of the company, a Veronese and a Paduan): all without symptoms except one, who accuses minor symptoms

There are almost 90 people in isolation.

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