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Lazio is in pieces. The legs do not turn and lock. Even the ball no longer spins as before. And the faces are those of those who are already defeated on the field, as if the only sensation that Simone Inzaghi can have in common with his players is that of impotence. It will be that at the lockdown a Lazio arrived convinced that they could win the championship, it was that during the lockdown there was a Lazio convinced that they had to win the championship by right acquired, it will be what it will be but Lazio is in pieces. Perhaps remained in the dressing room of Bergamo after the first half with Atalanta, from then on only wasted opportunities and bad figures. With that same shield that now only the Gasperini band can manage to unpick from Juve’s chest. This however is another story, however the result of another bankruptcy performance of the Biancocelesti: in this case also for the merits of a brave and enterprising Sassuolo, just like Roberto De Zerbi.SURPRISE – If exciting Lazio is just a distant memory, Sassuolo’s football champagne is the result of a team that plays by heart. Anyone on the pitch knows what to do. The scientific turnover of De Zerbi in this sense allow the neroverdi to maintain a rhythm that perhaps no one can sustain at this moment: Berardi and Caputo remain ready on the bench and remain, even Muldur. But it hardly makes any difference, because even a baby like newcomer Raspadori knows what he has to do and does it great. It is he who unlocks the result, but in aid of Lazio comes a controversial decision by Di Bello at the Var, who cancels for offside despite the last touch seemed to own Parolo. Then it’s the crossbar that saves Strakosha. And while Sassuolo does and undoes, a rebound allows Luis Alberto to take Lazio a little by surprise.

A PIZZI – But in the second half a new turnaround sweeps away the last traces of Lazio, just as happened in Lecce. In the fate of this race there was evidently the signature of Raspadori, capable of being found in the right place at the right time for the 1-1 goal. Then the script sees a healthy team keeping the field well (Sassuolo) and another looking for energy that no longer has to try to find the victory after two consecutive knockouts (Lazio). Except that one cramp after another under the scorching sun of Rome there is no more room for the hopes of Inzaghi who does not know how to restore a boarding version of his team. And when the time has expired, here is the umpteenth empty pass, with Caputo finding the victory net by two steps, bringing the personal loot to 16. He is there, almost always. Sassuolo is always there beyond those who take the field. Lazio is no longer there.

Lazio-Sassuolo 1-1 (first half 1-0)

Scorers: 34 ‘pt Luis Alberto (L), 8’ st Raspadori (S), 46 ‘st Caputo (L)

Assist: 34′ pt Lazzari, 8’ st Caputo (S)

Lazio (3-5-2) – Strakosha; Bastos, Acerbi, Radu (37 ‘st Vavro); Lazzari, Milinkovic (21 ‘st Leiva), Parolo, Luis Alberto (37’ st Adekanye), Lukaku (1 ‘st Jony); Immobile, Caicedo (15 ‘st Cataldi). All. Inzaghi

Sassuolo (4-2-3-1): Tips; Toljan (1 ‘st Muldur), Marlon, G. Ferrari, Kyriakopoulos; Bourabia, Locatelli; Traoré (1 ‘st Caputo), Djuricic (22’ st Haraslin), Boga (33 ‘st Rogerio); Raspadori (43 ‘st Magnani). Att. De Zerbi

Referee: Di Bello from Brindisi

Ammonites: 22 ‘pt Parolo (L), 42’ pt Immobile (L), 6 ‘st Muldur (S), 29’ st Bastos (L), 38 ‘st Ferrari (S), 39’ st Leiva (L).

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