Ostia stormed, distances ignored. The bathers: «Let’s disinfect everything»


The Romans return to the sea in Ostia. Regardless of the health emergency: kisses, hugs, close distances. In a word: gatherings. The bathers are enthusiastic: «We disinfect everything. People want the sea », these are the words of Maurizio Pasqualoni, owner of the“ La Conchiglia. With the arrival of the heat and the beautiful days, the Romans return to crowd the coast of Ostia: full establishments between quota entrances and sanitation of the sun beds and umbrellas. The beach is in fact crowded as if there had never been a coronavirus. Scenes from preCovid periods: friends embracing each other on the shoreline and zero distances between the sheets and the beds. It is July, and in order not to give up a day at the beach, it is a hunt for a square of sand to sunbathe all day. Too bad if you have to lie down next to another swimmer who does not intend to move and distance himself for the same reasons as his beach neighbor: it’s July, it’s hot, and maybe it’s also the first Sunday at the beach. Covid’s contempt? There is always a more daring dismissive than you who will remain to enjoy the tan with the exact same thought of when people crowded and crowded the nightlife, in early March and on these summer nights. The thought: it will never happen to me. Overcrowded intensive care then showed that it is a fallacious thought, a very dangerous mental loophole.

Just scroll through the photos that come from the coast: many, many close people who sunbathe or maybe avoid it under an umbrella, together, piled up as if there were no ongoing health emergency.

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