“Osimhen, Osimhen!”, Napoli fans recognize him on the street. The reaction of the Nigerian


Victor Osimhen yesterday morning allowed himself a walk between Piazza dei Martiri and the Chiaia area.

Victor Osimhen strides towards Naples. As today’s edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport reports, Aurelio De Laurentiis guaranteed the boy’s yes after meeting yesterday in Capri yesterday, in the presence of one of his managers, Jean Gerard Czjaka. It was only a first contact between the parties and Osimhen reserved the right to communicate his decision closely. Which, at this point, seems obvious.

In the morning Osimhen, in the company of his wife, went shopping in the center. From the point of view of beauty, Naples has conquered him immediately, as he liked the joy and hospitality of the people who recognized him on the street: many already know his characteristics and the history of football. Not even the tropical heat that is enveloping the city in these days has convinced him to return. He was very happy with the Neapolitan fans’ demonstrations of affection.

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