Osimhen, a tweet unleashes Napoli fans: “San Paolo is waiting for you”


The Naples he waits for him and asks for an answer within ten days because he is the first choice for the attack. Victor Osimhen has not yet cleared his reservations, but a tweet was enough to trigger the many reactions of the fans of the Naples who cheer him loudly. “If you knew where some of us came from, you wouldn’t pray for our failure“Wrote the Nigerian of Little. “Victor, it’s time to accept the offer de Laurentiis and come to Naples”A supporter’s reply. The blue club is confident of the good outcome of the negotiation, the possibility of closing the deal is concrete. “Naples is waiting for you, brother”, “San Paolo awaits your goals” or also “We already love you, don’t disappoint us“. And finally there are those who try to convince him by posting motivational videos with the most intense moments of the team of Gattuso or even with breathtaking sunsets.

Osimhen: “I was selling water and I wanted Juve, now I want to win everything”

Gattuso on Osimhen: “I can’t speak. He’s from Lille”

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