Orna Banai in an attack on Prime Minister Netanyahu


Actress and comedian Orna Banai delivered a scathing speech tonight (Saturday) against the government in general and Prime Minister Netanyahu in particular during a protest demonstration in Tel Aviv.

“For the avoidance of doubt: I did not come here tonight to call on the prime minister to come to his senses. I came here to call the prime minister to the TTP!”, Banai said. “We are tired, we are tired of the lies, the helplessness, the complacency, the failed management of the opacity and detachment of the prime minister and his abducted slaves.

Orna Banai: The Prime Minister is dismantling the country! // Photo: SES broadcast mobile

“I was born here, in Be’er Sheva, it was a long time ago, during my life I remember many politicians, some good some bad, some I supported and some I did not. I never but never remember such a government, a cruel detached government without basic values ‚Äč‚Äčlike Honesty justice and compassion, hedonistic, pig government. (And I apologize from the bottom of my heart to the pigs).

“My parents, they were both born here in Jerusalem, the father of a 90-year-old man today. Most of his life he has served as a district judge, he is shocked, he does not understand, he does not grasp, he does not grasp, how is it possible that in Israel there is a corrupt prime minister So serious, bribery and fraud and more and more.

“And he is very sad my father, he is worried and hurt to the depths of his soul who despise us who lie to us who abandon us. He is sad that people are buried here alive, that the government buries the culture, the independent, the disabled, the social facts. People are forced to beg for help.

“But it’s boring to our prime minister. He does not see us, our real distress, our pain and worry and you know why? Because he is busy with something completely different – the dismantling of the country. You must have heard that he and his abducted servants called us anarchists.

“So let’s see who the anarchist is: all this time Benjamin Netanyahu has worked very hard to dismantle: dismantle the justice system, dismantle the free media, dismantle the Knesset, dismantle the partnership between Jews and Arabs and groups in society in general, dismantle the prospect of peace, dismantle The trust in the health system, to dismantle the possibility of living and living with dignity.You are the dismantler of this country, Mr. Prime Minister.

“And we? We will be here to build after the ruins you will leave. To build a society of equality, welfare, justice, peace, human rights. We will stay here even if you and your wife, as she herself said, move abroad after being ousted from power. So I ask you – who are the anarchists here: us or him? We are the Israelis, and we will win! ”

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