Orlando Bloom Hires Private Investigator To Detect Doggy | Entertainment


Bloom left on Instagram know to be “broken” and not close an eye since Mighty’s missing. “I don’t remember a time when I felt as bad as I do now. They don’t call a dog ‘man’s best friend’ for nothing. The idea that my male is alone and afraid drives me crazy. The fact that I was unable to protect him is an outright nightmare, ”said Orlando.

He continues: “I feel powerless, like many others who lose or cannot see their loved ones in these weird times. Therefore, please enjoy the time you can spend together, because it can just change. The bond I have with Mighty is so special that I only now realize it. I really miss him and pray every day that he will return safely to us. ”

Orlando in Katy have also put up several posters in the area asking for help from neighbors. The couple offers a $ 5,000 reward for those who can lead them to Mighty.

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