Orange code for Barcelona: what to do if you are there now?


“If you are in Barcelona and you have a few days of vacation left, I would say, finish that and then leave”, says Frank Oostdam, director of the ANVR (General Dutch Association of Travel Companies). He says: you have to get away with this color code, but you don’t have to go head over heels. Therefore, he also advises that people simply continue ‘their original planned trip home’.

But have you just arrived and are you staying a week, or maybe even longer? Then it is wise to change the plans. “It is not good to stay there for so long.”

These people can go home, or in another part of Spain (a yellow colored part, so) have a holiday. “I have no objection to that. It is best to rent a car in Barcelona and then drive elsewhere. It is emphatically about the stay. You should not stay there, in that orange area.”

Popular city

The ANVR has no insight into how many people there are now. “That is difficult, with such a popular city. There are so many people passing through, or they go there on their own.” Oostdam expects that ‘across the board’ there will be fewer Dutch tourists than usual.

“But it will certainly be about a few thousand Dutch people.”

The trips of tour operators affiliated with the ANVR will from now on be canceled and will therefore no longer be carried out.

‘You can continue traveling’

Travel organization TUI will make an inventory of how many people are currently on a city trip in Barcelona. It is not yet known how many people are involved, says a spokeswoman for TUI.

She also emphasizes that the travel advice only applies to the city of Barcelona and not to the nearby airport. People who have booked a holiday elsewhere in Spain can land at the airport near Barcelona and then continue traveling, the spokeswoman said.

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