Oprah Winfrey not on cover of magazine for the first time in twenty years NOW


Breonna Taylor made posthumous history on Thursday by only on the cover of Oprah Magazine to stand. In the twentieth anniversary of the monthly magazine, someone always stood on the cover with Oprah Winfrey.

Winfrey stepped aside for one of the last editions of the magazine, refusing to close her eyes to racism in the United States. “If you turn a blind eye to racism, you become guilty of it,” she wrote in a statement on Instagram. The photo is entitled: ‘Her life matters’.

“She was like me. She was like you. And like anyone who dies unexpectedly, she had plans. Plans for a future full of responsibilities, work, friends, and laughter,” said Winfrey.

The 26-year-old black American was shot and killed by the Louisville police on March 13. The officers came to her apartment because of a home visit warrant, after which a shooting with her boyfriend was committed. Taylor was hit by eight bullets.


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