Ophthalmologist made recommendations for preserving vision in children – RT in Russian


Igor Aznauryan, Academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, the chief physician of the centers for the protection of the vision of children and adolescents, “Clear Eye”, gave recommendations on preserving the vision in children.

“Recently, we, ophthalmologists, have been observing that children’s vision falls even before school. For example, many develop amblyopia, or lazy eye syndrome, in which one eye sees worse than the other, “he said in an interview with the newspaper” Reedus “.

According to him, according to the compulsory medical insurance norms, it is recommended to bring a child to the ophthalmologist at one and six months, at one year, at two years and at three years old.

Further to school age, if there are no complaints, then you can not go to the ophthalmologist, since from three to six years there are usually no sharp jumps in vision, explained Aznauryan.

“But from school age, you need to visit an ophthalmologist annually to stop the decline in vision in time,” he added.

Earlier, a sports psychologist, candidate of pedagogical sciences Olga Tiunova, in an interview with the NSN, spoke about the features of children professionally involved in sports.

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