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With masks at the airport

With masks at the airportPhoto: ISTOCK

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed Transport Minister Miri Regev to prepare an outline for operating flights to Cyprus, Greece, and other green countries.

Following this, the Minister of Transportation instructed the professional staffs in the Ministry of Transportation and the Civil Aviation Authority and the Network to conclude as quickly as possible with the Ministry of Health and the National Security Council the outline that will soon be presented for corona cabinet approval.

According to the operating plan formulated by the Ministry of Transportation, passengers will be divided into “green” and “red” countries, while passengers from “green” countries defined as having low morbidity will be charged only 5 days of isolation upon landing, and passengers from “red” countries will also be required to perform a corona check. Preview before flight.

The Minister of Transportation and Road Safety emphasized that the outline will be presented to the Prime Minister for approval after his approval and coordination with Health Minister Yuli Edelstein through the work of the Directorate of Transportation and Health, the National Security Council and the Civil Aviation Authority. The agreement between the prime minister and Sarah Regev, and everything is subject to the morbidity data. ”

The Ministry of Health is currently reviewing the plan submitted for approval and is expected to soon pass the professional reference in order to formulate the final outline for operating the flight system in the shadow of the Corona.

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