Only Atalanta better than Milan after the break. The Pegs effect and the Rebic amulet


14 points in 6 games for the Rossoneri, who however beat Juve, Lazio and Rome. Croatian millet seasonal marker

14, 17, 50. Pioli’s Milan is a matter of numbers, stories of results. First figure, 14: these are the points scored by the Rossoneri after the second half (like Sassuolo). Four wins and two draws. Only Atalanta did better with 19, but with an extra race like the neroverdi (the recovery won 4-1 by the Goddess). But the Rossoneri have beaten Rome, Lazio and Juve, or three top clubs (and tied with Napoli, another big A player). Second, 17. They are the goals scored in six games, such as the bianconeri and Atalanta. Better than Inter, Rome, Lazio and Naples, the teams in front of the Rossoneri.

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