OnePlus Nord E, new low cost smartphone?


Now there is little missing from the presentation of OnePlus Nord and, to deceive the wait, we point out how another unprecedented smartphone appeared on the Web. This is revealed by the Geekbench database, with the code name BE2028.

The device should be of a slightly lower range than in the North, but still belonging to its family. After all, the company said, the new smartphone line is a line-up and not a device in its own right. It could be called OnePlus Nord E

Geekbench registers a smartphone with a code name Lito having single core performance equal to 609 and multi core equal to 1728. He owns a SoC Snapdragon 690 5G that you’ve probably never heard of. It is one of Qualcomm’s newest chipsets not yet used in any smartphone. The SoC belongs to the mid-range and is very similar to the brother Snapdragon 765G, except that the latter has slightly higher clocks.

The other information reports how it is supplied 6 GB of RAM e Android 10 the operating system. At the moment we don’t even have a photo that can help us compare its design with the next smartphone coming.

On July 21, OnePlus Nord will be introduced but we don’t know if we should also expect this smartphone or it will arrive shortly after, perhaps accompanied by a simple official press note.

What is certain is that One Plus Nord and this product are not the same smartphone. They have a different product code and the RAM information is different, the former holds 8 GB while this mysterious one holds 6 GB.

There is no need to have the latest OnePlus 8 Pro to have a OnePlus experience. Now OnePlus 7T has an affordable price, you can find it who.

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