OnePlus Nord also transits on GeekBench, but gets the scene stolen by an unexpected novelty (photo)


Edoardo Carlo Ceretti

In just under ten days, OnePlus will raise the veils on its first real mid-range smartphone, called OnePlus Nord. We already know many details about him but, pending 21 July, some new confirmation is not bad. So it happens to bean its passage on GeekBench, although something that caught our attention unexpected.

OnePlus Nord, under the code name AC2003, has again confirmed its essential technical data sheet, characterized by the presence of the chip Snapdragon 765G e me 12 GB of RAM. At his side, however, he appeared another model of OnePlus smartphones, completely unedited and in all likelihood part of the same mid-range series that will be inaugurated from the North.

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The code name in this case is BE2028, the CPU shows a lower frequency (1,71 GHz against 1.8 GHz) and the amount of RAM is halved, 6 GB. The score achieved on GeekBench does not differ much from that of OnePlus Nord, a sign that it may be a basic variant, or an initial prototype of what has then evolved to become the model next to land on the market.

However, OnePlus has already promised that other cheap smartphones will come out in the future, so it could also be the first clue about a brand new model, even more aggressive in price, than we will see later in the year.

Via: GeekBench (1), (2)

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