One day of tropical warmth: RMI announces code yellow (and orange), …


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The sting is in the tail: after a mediocre July, the 31st probably closes the month as the hottest day of the year. With temperatures up to 37 degrees, it gets tropical warm today. The RMI announces code yellow for the entire country, one province even gets code orange.

July did surprisingly ordinary this year, but today we still get a tough 36 degrees on our plate. Weathermen think of the sea that the mercury reaches 33 degrees, on the High Fens it gets 30 degrees and in Hainaut the temperature can even rise to 37 degrees. So sweating and puffing, even if it is already largely over tomorrow, the mercury will drop again to a temperature of 27 to 33 degrees.

Nevertheless, the RMI warns against such high temperatures with color code yellow. That means we have to be careful and it is advised to take care of the elderly and weaker people drink more water and that she better to stay out of the sun. With code orange – promulgated when it gets warmer than 34 degrees and therefore active in the province of Hainaut – some measures are necessary. Then we have to drink regularly, U.S dress lighter, into the day cooler areas spend and easily digestible food eat in smaller portions.

In the evening the weather can turn into thunderstorms, especially in the west of the country. “The chances are quite small,” warns Noodweer Benelux, “but if the showers occur, there may be hail and strong wind.”

Code yellow throughout the country, except in Hainaut. Saturday there is also code yellow in the province of Luxembourg. — © KMI


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