One and a half times more corona deaths than officially reported


One and a half times more corona deaths than officially reported

The number of corona deaths in the Netherlands is between one and a half and twice as high as the official RIVM figure shows. This is shown on Wednesday from an investigation by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) into excess mortality during the corona epidemic. RIVM director Jaap van Dissel had previously mentioned that there was underreporting, but it was not yet known exactly how big the difference was.

In the first eleven weeks of the corona epidemic, from March 9 to May 24, an estimated 10,164 more people died than reported by RIVM. In those weeks, the excess mortality was between 9593 and 11691 with 95 percent certainty, according to Statistics Netherlands. This means that for every ten corona deaths recorded, an additional five to ten people died directly or indirectly from the effects of Covid-19 that are not included in the official census.

In the Netherlands, only positively tested deceased persons are registered as corona deaths. The actual number is higher because not everyone who dies has been tested for the coronavirus. Statistics Netherlands emphasizes that the estimated mortality gives an overview of all extra deaths during the corona crisis, and therefore also people who were not directly affected by the corona virus. It is also possible that the lockdown has had an effect on mortality from other causes.

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Welcome to this blog about the corona pandemic

Love here NRC the latest news about the worldwide coronavirus outbreak that causes Covid-19 at. We start with an overview of Tuesday’s most important news.

  • RIVM has last week 1,329 reports received of new infections with the corona virus. That is 342 more than last week. Last week, 23 corona patients had to be admitted to hospital. Nine people died in the Netherlands from the consequences of the virus.
  • Due to the low number of hospital and ICU admissions, there is currently no reason at national level new corona measures to introduce, said Health Minister Hugo de Jonge (CDA). It will probably be announced on Wednesday that there will also be no national obligation to wear a mask in public. Mayors are expected to have the option of one moon cape duty to be introduced at local level.
  • It travel advice for the Belgian province of Antwerp has been sharpened from yellow to orange. This means that unnecessary trips are not recommended. Traveling through the province remains possible. RIVM data showed earlier on Tuesday that about a quarter of the imported infections come from Belgium.
  • German research shows that 60 percent of Covid-19 patients experience a heart attack two months after their diagnosis inflamed heart muscle. The heart defect also occurred in patients who had few complaints on and in patients without underlying conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • In Germany the number of infections with the coronavirus has increased considerably. The director of the Robert Koch Institute speaks of one “Very worrying” situation. The increase is due to the fact that many Germans no longer adhere to the corona measures.

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Pedestrians wear mouth masks in Rotterdam. Photo Jerry Lamps / EPA

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