Omroep Flevoland – News – Councilor offers illegal shelter to migrant workers


CDA councilor Brenda Berghorst from Dronten offers illegal housing to migrant workers, even though she has only set rules for this herself from the city council. In determining this, the CDA called on the Board of B and W to improve the living conditions of migrant workers in Dronten quickly. But Berghorst herself has housed six of her employees in parked caravans in a shed.

Berghorst lives on a large dairy farm on the Oudebosweg near Dronten, but last year the family bought a vacant farm on the Olsterweg. Students live in the house and migrant workers in the barn. The foreign employees are employed by FlevoFlex. That is the employment agency that Berghorst has been running since March of this year.

Fire safety a concern
Berghorst does not want to react to the situation on camera. However, she does let us know by telephone that FlevoFlex is struggling with insufficient housing for migrant workers due to the corona rules and the obligatory distance between them. That is why six are housed in caravans in her shed on the Olsterweg. Berghorst is not licensed for this. She says she also did not apply for one from the municipality, because she thinks that the procedure is taking too long. Fire extinguishers have been placed near the caravans, but Berghorst admits that fire safety is a matter of concern.

She also understands that illegal housing is at odds with her work as a councilor and with the attention that the CDA is asking for improving living conditions. However, the councilor said she had no choice due to the corona outbreak. “The work has to be done and the workers have to live somewhere,” she reasons.

Checks are coming soon
The municipality of Dronten has meanwhile received a complaint about the situation on the Olsterweg. A spokesperson said that there will be checks as soon as possible. This happens both on the Olsterweg and at the residential address of Berghorst, where labor migrants also reside. If the municipality finds a situation that cannot be legalized, the family must take action.

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