Omar Goldstein was diagnosed as positive for Corona


(Startup Nation) | Photo: Sports 5

The team started the race with only 5 riders (Startup Nation)
The team started the race with only 5 riders (Startup Nation) | Photo: Sports 5

The corona in the headlines. Today (Tuesday) the first Israeli rider, Omar Goldstein, was found positive in the virus test. Following this, the Israel Start-up Nation team was forced to send in isolation of riders and team members – and at the last minute remove its teammate Itamar Inhorn from the team to a huge race, which was launched in Spain.

The decision was made as a precaution, even before the test results of the young Israeli accelerator arrived, since hours earlier his teammate, Goldstein, had been diagnosed with the virus. Examination revealed that Inhorn was third in the virus. In addition, the British Alex Dost did not open the competition and was third and the team jumped into the Spanish race with only 5 riders.

This is the first time a rider in a team has been diagnosed with Corona – despite sweeping precautions taken by the team and its riders in an attempt to run and compete safely in the resurgent racing season these days, after months of forced downtime.

When full test results of riders and other crews gathered in Spain for the race arrive, it will be decided whether to take further steps in connection with participation in the five-day column, in which all the major teams in the world participate. The large Spanish column of Burgos is considered an important preparation for the major columns, especially the Tour de France, which is due to open in a few weeks.

Goldstein, who recently arrived in Europe along with the rest of the team’s Israelis ahead of the start of the season, was tested a few days after his arrival and the tests that arrived yesterday morning turned out to be positive for the virus. He was immediately put in solitary confinement and all those who were in contact with him were immediately warned, including a number of Israeli riders living in Girona, Spain, where he held his training ahead of races in Italy this coming weekend. So far, 23-year-old Omar is not suffering from any symptoms at all.

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