OM is not for sale and is suing Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi and Mourad Boudjellal


While Mourad Boudjellal and Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi have been announcing for several weeks that they are at the head of a project to buy back Olympique de Marseille with funds from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the Marseille club is moving to the action. OM decided to take the two men to court, denouncing “a campaign of destabilization” and assuring that the owner Franck McCourt carries a long-term project within the club, with President Jacques-Henri Eyraud, and that he is therefore not a seller.
Olympique de Marseille counter-attack. The Marseille club announced that it had sued Tuesday Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi and Mourad Boudjellal, candidates declared for the acquisition of OM, accusing them of leading “a campaign of destabilization“. “A summons prepared by the firm Malka et Associés (…) was issued today by a bailiff“to the Franco-Tunisian businessman, leader of the project, and to his choice for the presidency of OM, the club said in a statement.

This summons aims to engage the responsibility of Ajroudi and Boudjellal on the basis of article 1240 of the Civil Code for the damage caused by “an intensive campaign of massive disinformation with the obvious aim of destabilizing and weakening the club“, says one on the side of OM.”Nobody should use OM to establish their personal notoriety“, insists the press release, evoking”a destructive and selfish campaign based on deceptions and lies“.

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“Unprofessional and sneaky behavior”

The club carried out its “investigations (which) made it possible to bring together many supporting evidence“against Ajroudi and Boudjellal and”intends to condemn the authors of this campaign of destabilization“, the statement continued.”At no moment“the owner of OM, the American Frank McCourt, “has not considered selling its stake in SASP OM“to these two people, and”Contrary to what could be said in the media, neither Mr. McCourt nor anyone belonging to the McCourt group and to OM had any contact with them or their advice.“, insists the club.

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The club sees in “this unprofessional and sneaky behavior” a “attack against OM“when he returns to the Champions League after seven years of absence. McCourt and the president Jacques-Henri Eyraud have “a comprehensive long-term strategic plan“for the club and therefore do not want to sell it, it is written. At the end of June, Mourad Boudjellal, successful ex-president of Rugby Club Toulonnais (a Top 14, three European Cups) and Mohamed Ajroudi had announced that they wanted to buy OM to Frank McCourt, notably with Saudi and Emirati funds, for a project “Mediterranean“. McCourt and OM have been rehearsing since they were not sellers.”Everything is for sale and everything is for sale“, replied Ajroudi.

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