OM: Declarations of farmers against Minister Schouten will not be processed NOW


The Public Prosecution Service (OM) will not process the reports of farmers against Minister Carola Schouten of Agriculture. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the Minister has not committed any criminal offenses.

In several places in the Netherlands, farmers reported against Schouten two weeks ago during protests, for example because of animal cruelty. They disagree with the minister’s animal feed policy.

From 1 September, there will be a limit on the amount of protein in concentrates. Reducing this results in nitrogen reduction, so that more houses can be built again, but according to the farmers, less protein-rich feed is bad for the health of the animals.

The Public Prosecution Service explains that the parliament has approved the cattle feed scheme, which means that it has a democratically concluded decision.

On Wednesday, the farmers will campaign again nationally. Instead of small demonstrations in various places, as we saw last month, calls are now being made to come to RIVM in Bilthoven en masse.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Utrecht Safety Region announced that tractors are not allowed and that there is room for up to two thousand demonstrators.

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