Olcay Gulsen about children: ‘They won’t be there anymore’


According to Olcay, that is not only due to her age. In the interview, she says that her flapping ovaries have been missing for years. “When I see what my friends with children have had to give up for it … I think that is quite a lot. You often hear that you get a lot in return, which I immediately believe, but you also provide a lot of freedoms for it in “, said the power woman. “You never know if you’ll regret such a decision in the future, but I don’t think that’s a reason to do it.”

It may not be her own child, but Olcay is the stepmother of three beautiful children of her friend Ruud de Wild. She says about this: “Once every fourteen days they are with us and I consciously keep that contact loose and equal. It is not up to me to interfere with their upbringing. I do not do that with my nephews and nieces, who especially see as a cool aunt. Mom and dad can be strict, everything is allowed with me. ”

After a brief blinking relationship, Olcay and Ruud are happier than ever. Heavy shaking is therefore necessary to disperse them, even a slip would forgive the presenter. “Obviously I prefer not to, but it could be discussed,” she says. “It has happened to me many times and I have been guilty of it myself. After I did it, I immediately broke up. I am so honest with myself.”

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