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Ofira Asaig opens it all: The media woman, who is followed by quite a bit of fire, this time showed up at the interviewee’s position and opened everything from Netanyahu to Eyal Golan.

In an interview with Dana Weiss in the weekend news (Keshet 12), Asaig described the journey she went through from her childhood in Dimona to the prime time. “I have never really changed… I have been like this since my days in an ultra-Orthodox religious school.”

Asaig recounted her childhood in a religious home and her enlistment in the IDF despite her mother’s refusal. “I was in a religious school with a skirt up to the ankle and a shirt up to the elbow and it was hard for me to contain it.”

“My mother did not agree for me to enlist in the army. She issued me an exemption… the day before enlistment I informed my mother that I was enlisting.” Asaig recounted “My mother did not receive me with a uniform”.

During the interview Asaig revealed how she gets wanted interviewees to come to her studio. “My team knows, ‘no’ is not an answer, it’s just the beginning of the conversation,” Asaig reveals that she herself makes calls to interviewees who refuse to come. “I called Meir Cohen 350 times so that he would agree to respond to a ‘fact’ investigation into alleged sexual harassment.”

But despite the stubbornness, Asaig revealed that Netanyahu and his wife still refuse to come and be hosted on her show. “Bibi tells me no and Sarah tells me no. If Bibi came to the interview the first question I would ask him is how did you get into the situation after 13 years as prime minister that your second name is ‘corrupt’ while half a country is collapsing?”

While Sarah Netanyahu, Ofira would like to ask: “Tell the truth, do you or Bibi run the country? Once and for all.”

“I’ve never read a talkback – I swear by my life”

After years on TV and dozens of storms in which she was involved, Asaig discovers how she copes. “I became a SpongeBob because most of them came in,” Asaig said, revealing that she does not usually comment on reviews. “I’ve never read a talkback – I swear in my life. Let them write that I’m vulgar, let them write that I’m a tortoise – so write. I can not be responsible for what others feel. I tell my children if you see someone writing something bad about me – block him.”

7 years after she stood by Eyal Golan in the minors’ case, Asaig decided to return to it. “I am wrong, like all human beings in the world. I was morally wrong when I defended him. I say this as a mother, as a woman and as a journalist… I knew I would pay a heavy price. I was abducted by organizations of women, mothers and children who were harmed. I had a hard time.”

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