officials arrested for ransoming seasonal workers


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                In Kayogoro commune in Makamba province, south-eastern Burundi, the leader of the ruling party and the leader of the Mayange hill youth league were arrested on Sunday.  They joined in the dungeons of the Makamba police, 12 other accomplices, including 3 administrative officials and other Imbonerakure, arrested three days earlier for having ransomed for months, seasonal workers who were returning clandestinely from Tanzania, coming from announce the police spokesperson.

                                    <p>This group was led by 3 local administrative officials, including the chief of the Bigina zone bordering Tanzania, the secretary of the local CNDD-FDD party as well as<strong> Visual</strong> from the corner, members of the youth league of the ruling party.  They had specialized in ransoming seasonal Burundian workers who were returning clandestinely from Tanzania, acting under the cover of "Joint Security Committees", according to witnesses on the spot.

These are groups officially created to ensure security on every hill in Burundi, which are supposed to be made up of representatives of the administration, the police, the judiciary as well as the population, almost always Imbonerakure in reality. .

Responsible for monitoring all the illegal crossings leading to Tanzania, their traffic had become juicier since the border was closed in early March due to of the Covid-19 pandemic. These workers were now forced to pay up to 20 times the usual price for their passage, sometimes having all their possessions stripped. The Burundian police also suspect these ” criminals »- as she describes them – to have eliminated a certain number.

Police spokesman Pierre Nkurikiye explained to the press that their arrest was a consequence of the zero tolerance policy for bad apples within the administration, initiated by the new Minister of the Interior and of public safety.

For the moment, the communal police commissioner and one of his deputies who covered these criminals have been transferred elsewhere.


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