ÖB on artillery training: “Kristinehamn entails a number of challenges”


In addition to a new regiment in Östersund, the Armed Forces will also begin planning for a divisional artillery battalion with barrel artillery in Kristinehamn / Villingsberg, according to the government’s data.

But in the Armed Forces’ budget base, which according to Commander-in-Chief (ÖB) Micael Bydén is “the last really heavy base that will form the basis for the defense policy orientation bill”, Villingsberg is preferable.

– We advocate Villingsberg as a place of education. We already have training and shooting ranges there and we have infrastructure in place that we can start from. Kristinehamn entails a number of challenges, he says, and refers to the fact that the defense, among other things, does not own the land needed there.

The Government’s defense bill is to be submitted to the Riksdag this autumn and has been fraught with a number of political quarrels. Most recently, the defense negotiations broke down because the government and the bourgeois parties could not agree on the money.

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