“Numerous fractures” – Libero Quotidiano


Fear at the reception center of Villa Sikania di Siculiana, in Agrigento, where a policeman was seriously injured by a guest migrant. For days the structure has been under the strict control of the police because it is the protagonist of numerous riots. Here, in the late evening of Friday 3 July, a group of migrants, taking advantage of the dark, managed to find a passage from the side gates of the structure to be able to escape. It is at that point second The newspaper that law enforcement agencies attempted to avoid removals. And it’s always here that the 50-year-old policeman reported numerous fractures in the body, caused by violence inflicted by a fugitive guest. This would be a Tunisian though has lost track.

“Unfortunately – explains the councilor of the opposition of the municipality of Agrigento Pino La Rosa – a social problem has become a source of income for many families often with a single income: that is what comes from the reception centers “. For La Rosa behind all this there is everything:” from exploitation, to prostitution, to sale of organs, up to the labor force for the mafia and for drug dealing. If you go to Tunisia with a boat, they will shoot you on sight. Whoever lands here in the provinces of Agrigento is illegal. We Sicilians are not racists but it is time for politics to seriously tackle this problem. ”

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