NS is working on new subscriptions due to changed travel behavior


As an example, a spokesperson for the transport company mentions route subscriptions, favorable for people who travel on the same route at least four times a week. Now that commuters are expected to work at home more often and have to be at their regular workstation less often, other types of subscription may be better suited to that changed travel behavior. Earlier, large-scale research by NS and TU Delft revealed that two out of three commuters expect to work at home more after the pandemic. A quarter of the travelers between home and workplace think they will travel outside rush hour more often after corona.

The NS has around 2.6 million subscription holders, many of whom have a discount subscription, such as Dal Voordeel for discounts on travel outside peak hours. Most NS customers simply let them go, only 5 percent have taken a break since the corona outbreak.

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With the more expensive subscriptions, such as for fixed routes, 6 out of 10 users have taken a break. According to the NS, approximately 375,000 train travelers used the corona scheme to adjust or temporarily stop their train subscription between March and July. If desired, they received a refund of their prepaid subscription money. 270,000 travelers took advantage of the option to cancel or rebook an international train ticket.

New subscriptions were hardly sold during that period, but the number of subscription holders has been growing again since June.

In addition, the railway company has extended the so-called Keuzedagen for nearly half a million people over 60 until the end of this year. Normally, these extra economical travel days are only valid for two months. Other promotional cards can also be used longer.

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