Now you can fish for crayfish in eastern Värmland


Previously, Värmland was outside the management area, but with the new rules that came into force from 1 July, it is now possible to fish crayfish in certain parts of the county. The permitted area includes the entire Vänern archipelago and the south-eastern part of the county, from Alstern and Gapern, through Filipstad and further a bit north along the eastern county border, as well as Kristinehamn and Storfors. Here there is a map.

Invasive art

The Swedish Maritime Administration has given the permit. This after the county administrative boards submitted a proposal to expand the handling area for the signal crayfish in areas where the risk of spreading, to water where the endangered crayfish is located, is considered to be low.

Signal crayfish is an invasive, alien, species that does not originate from Sweden and its spread must be limited in Swedish waters. The reason is that there is a risk of spreading crayfish plague, which would be a threat to the already acutely endangered crayfish, which is a native species.

Conditions also in some lakes

During the crayfish fishing period between 1 August and 15 September, it will also be possible to fish crayfish in five designated county lakes outside the new management area. These lakes are Värmeln, Bråtsjön, Gösjön, Klacksjön and Stor-Emsen. Here the signal crayfish must be boiled immediately and must not be sold or given away uncooked.

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