Not everyone will accept: Netanyahu’s grant program will go to a ministerial committee


The grant program of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Finance Minister Katz, according to which every citizen in Israel will receive a cash grant, worth a total of NIS 6 billion, will be submitted to the government for approval this morning, but it seems that despite Netanyahu’s statements, not everyone will receive the money.

According to a report this morning (Sunday) in Here News, after the plan is approved by the government, the plan will be discussed by a ministerial committee headed by Netanyahu, who will decide how the money will be distributed to citizens. The committee will also include Defense Minister Gantz, Finance Minister Israel Katz and Economy Minister Amir Peretz. According to the publication, the decision to establish the committee was made following Blue and White’s review of the grants program, which does not include any socio-economic criteria.

Last Wednesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Finance Minister Israel Katz presented the new economic plan, which includes grants to every citizen in the country due to the economic crisis caused by the coronation. His bank.

The Prime Minister details the amounts of the grants that will be distributed to the public “Tonight I announce a complementary step we have decided on – additional financial support for all Israeli citizens. This is a step that is added to the economic plan we did a week ago. “Children will receive a NIS 2,500 grant and a family with three or more children will receive a NIS 3,000 grant. All other citizens over the age of 18 will receive NIS 750 per person.”

Netanyahu went on to explain the reasons for the distribution of the grants, which met with much opposition in the Treasury: “Why do we give the money? We need to move the economy. People need to go out and buy, encourage growth. Businesses will need workers. Business encourages consumption and employment. The economy. Encourage consumption – made in the country. I tell you buy made in the country – blue and white (it’s okay Bnei Gantz agrees) “.

The plan was, as mentioned, also sharply criticized by the coalition. Blue and white ministers were quick to tweet against the plan, or at least against the way the funds were distributed, and a number of economists, including former economic officials, publicly opposed the distribution of such a sum of money to citizens, without any diagnosis. Prime Minister Netanyahu attacked on his Twitter account the head of the budget department at the Ministry of Finance, Shaul Meridor, who opposes the plan.

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