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An abnormal Friday was the one experienced in Spielberg for the Styrian Grand Prix. The high risk of rain for Saturday pushed the teams to review their plans for the second free practice session, pushing more on the dry lap if PL3 and qualifications actually had to face a definitive cancellation.

In home Mercedeshowever, we have chosen not to squeeze the power unit to the maximum despite a more pushed mode than a classic free practice session, but what worries Brackley technicians the most are the difficulties encountered by Lewis Hamilton, only sixth and far from the performances shown just seven days ago on the same track.

Hamilton: “I have to understand what went wrong”

“In general, Bottas’ work day went well. He did not have beautiful sensations in the car, especially in the curves of medium-low speed, but we do not make a drama of it – he has declared Toto Wolff Hamilton, however, told us that the car was not recognizable compared to last week and was not fast enough anywhere on the track. We sail a bit in the dark on this, so we have to be very careful in the analysis to understand what went wrong for Lewis. “

Bottas: “Steps forward on reliability”

“I think the change situation is now under control after the corrections we made, while we continue to worry about one excessive suspension overload in turns 7, 8, 9 and 10. I’m sure this is probably true for all teams, but we have to work to improve performance on the dry lap “added the Austrian manager, who then focused on the strategy used to deal with PL2 after the cancellation of qualifications due to rain. “We talked about it for a long time, but in the end we decided to use a middle ground. We didn’t use full power, but neither did the usual mode used in a normal day of free practice. It wasn’t an attack on full time, but neither was it a half attack. ”

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