no, sports clubs and federations cannot require a new systematic medical certificate, reminds the Order of Physicians


General practitioners see patients scroll by asking them, for September, for a medical certificate of aptitude for sport. However, this examination, not reimbursed, is valid for three years.

Are sports clubs and federations right to ask, in the context of the coronavirus, a new medical certificate of fitness for sport from their members for the start of the school year? “No, it’s not always necessary”, annoys the Order of Physicians, recalling that there is a more flexible rule in this area and that medical offices are already overloaded due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Order was seized by general practitioners. They see patients parade who ask them, for September, a medical certificate of fitness for sport requested by their club or their sports federation. A request not necessarily necessary. Hence the development of Doctor François Simon, of the Order of Physicians. “The rule is that the sports code provides that the presentation of a medical certificate is compulsory every three years.”

The athlete who had this medical examination last year has a certificate which is still valid for two years.Doctor François Simon, Order of Physiciansto franceinfo

“This is not an act reimbursed by Health Insurance so these are additional costs that many families or athletes would do without, adds Doctor Simon. And it is an activity that will occupy medical offices at a time when they are already overloaded. There is still circulation of the virus, there are delays in treatment due to the difficulties that there was access at the time of the Covid crisis. And we, we think, the doctors think, that’s an unnecessary request. “

The Order of Physicians has contacted the sports federations directly and hopes that the members themselves will also be able to recall these rules in their various clubs.

The development of the Order of Physicians: Listen to the report by Solenne Le Hen

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