No amateur football in Belgium? “Postponement of competition is on the table”


Football Flanders is concerned about the start of the league in the lower class. Flemish Minister of Sport Ben Weyts wants to let all sports competitions go without an audience, but that would mean the death blow for many teams.

“This would have a huge financial impact on our clubs,” says the chairman of Voetbal Flanders, Marc Van Craen Sporza. “It has to remain livable. I don’t feel this is going to be caused by the sports sector, so it’s a pity. But we have to accept it. We don’t have a crystal ball either,” it says.
Football Flanders is already unhappy. “Our clubs have put in a lot of effort in recent months to receive the 400 people they were allowed to receive in a safe way. All went well with masks and even temperature measurements. Now that the public was out again, it would have a huge impact on the clubs. ”
Playing football without an audience would therefore be a disaster. “No audience means no income. The clubs have already had a blow during the first lockdown. The plan was to generate some income in August by playing exhibition games. The players do not have to be paid. In September the competition starts and then the players are paid, but if there is no income, it is a problem. ”
Does that mean postponement of the competitions? “Tomorrow evening there is consultation within Voetbal Vlaanderen. The key question is: will we start the competition behind closed doors or not? And that consideration will mainly be financial. A postponement of our competitions is possible. The clubs must remain viable.”
“The advice is only about August for the time being, but we have to be proactive. We can’t wait until September 1 to make a decision. The positive point is that you can still play football for the time being. If they also say tomorrow that sports with contact is no longer allowed, it would be a disaster, especially for our youth players. ”

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