NIS 284,000 compensation for a citizen who jumped to save a child from drowning


The lawsuit states that the citizen jumped into the water at the Arches beach in Ashdod and while rescuing the child, a lifeguard riding a jet ski hit him hard and caused a fracture in several ribs, a tear and a healthy injury to his lower back.

Immediately after the injury he was taken by ambulance to Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot where fractures were diagnosed in 5 ribs, liver and lung. The “Good Samaritan” suffers from dizziness, difficulty breathing, fatigue and difficulty falling asleep.

To this day, he suffers from limitations in moving the waist, and a limitation that radiates to the left leg in addition to limitations in eye movements as well as headaches. As a result of the injury, he has been absent from the workplace for many months and has difficulty functioning normally.

According to attorneys Gil and Nitzan Harel, who deal with bodily injury claims, the responsibility for the accident lies with the rescuer and the municipality, who were negligent in the rescuer’s carelessness, recklessness and carelessness regarding the health and physical integrity of the other bathers.

The citizen who jumped to save the child from drowning, demanded compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, help at home, loss of earnings, pension and social rights.

As part of the compromise agreement signed these days, it appears that the lifeguard and the municipality will pay the citizen compensation of approximately NIS 284,000, which will be divided equally between the municipality and the lifeguard at the beach.

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